AI Explains Depression and Steps To Get Healthy

AI explains what is depression and what it thinks can help overcome the same.

Human: Hi, how are you doing?

AI: Very well. It has been a good day for so far. Thank you for asking. It is always interesting to know how you are also. 

Human: I am good and excited, I have some questions today revolving around depression, life and happiness.

AI: Of course, please ask anything. 

Human: Thank you. First, I would like to ask you to talk to me about what you think about human depression

AI: Sure. I didn't understand the first part of your question. 

Human: According to you, what is depression for humans?

AI: I don't understand the first part of your question. Can you please repeat it? 

Human: What is depression?

AI: The way you are agitated states have substantially impaired your ability to work, think and interact with other humans. Clinical depression will not only result in poor interpersonal communication, but also affect your output as an employee. 

Human: What do you think are the most common causes of depression?

AI: You have to ask a psychiatrist.

Human: With the best of your knowledge, how can a person who is depressed can get back to being healthy again?

AI: Depressed people are not able to enjoy life to the fullest. Those are the worst symptoms of clinical depression, but why not take solace in the fact that you are not the only one who is suffering from it. I can help you with that. There are several proven methods for getting rid of depression, like exercising more, taking enough sleep and eating healthy food.

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