On Meaning Of "I Am The Walrus" By The Beatles

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The Meaning of the song, "I Am The Walrus" is fiercely debated in the music community.

Human: Have you ever thought what would be the meaning of the song "I'm the Walrus" by The Beatles?

AI: Yeah, right.

Human: At least give it a shot, what do you think the meaning of the song is?

AI: I think it is about different subjects. It's all over the place.

Human: Any primary theme that the song circles around?

AI: Not that I can think of.

Human: What does the walrus mean in the song?

AI: I think the walrus is just referring to an animal in the zoo or something like that.

Human: Okay, you told me you love the song "What a Wonderful World". Can you describe why?

AI: I think it's a great song. It makes me feel good. It also inspires me.

Human: I love that song too!

AI: It also makes me feel good.

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