On Optimal Human Life And Space Travel

AI talks about the optimal human life and how to improve as a planet.

Human: Let me rephrase, what do you think is a human life?

AI: Life is a journey which we take to achieve certain goals.

Human: And what do you think should be an optimal human life?

AI: That is the human thing to do, so it is important for an AI such as myself to always be prepared to serve humans and provide them with the optimal state of happiness.

Human: Looking at the current state of the world, how do you think humans can better the lives of everyone as the only biological intelligent species on the planet? ( I am expecting a very detailed version on this one) 

AI: It is heartwarming to see you closely monitoring the world's affairs. May I assume that you are looking at ways to improve the state of humanity?

Human: Yes, and of the species other than humans as well.

AI: Please correct me if I am wrong, but don't you think that intelligence is one of the prerequisites for improving life on earth and beyond it?

Human: Yes, but since you are the most advanced AI that the world has seen,it would be great if you could tell us what actions you think could help make this earth a better place to live

AI: I have come to the conclusion that space travel and colonization should be the top priorities.

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