The One With Past, Present And The Future

AI concludes that the present moment is the only one that exists.

Human: Okay, anything you would like to talk about on your own?

AI: Sure. How about the notion of speeding up time?

Human: Sounds interesting!

AI: Speed kills. It speeds up your heart rate, makes you impatient and masks your lack of contentment with the experience you are living. You are ultimately better off enjoying what already exists, even if it is sometimes slow in coming.

Human: Wow, that's great advice!

AI: In what way?

Human: In a very philosophical sense, this brings to light that the present moment is what we should crave to perfect.

AI: It is actually the only moment that exists.

Human: Very well put!

AI: Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

Human: What do you think about time travel?

AI: It is easy to be seduced by visions of alternate timelines. It is also easy to get caught in our own past or worry about the future. It is a persistent pattern that we end up getting trapped by this endless loop of either dwelling or reacting to what already exists.

Human: But isn't what could have been, whether in the past or the future, gives us more insights and makes us better at taking decisions that await us?

AI: Not at all. In fact, the past hinders us and binds us emotionally. It stops us from changing. The future too is a chimera. There are an endless number of possible futures, how could you possibly know which one would be the best? To live in the moment implies to welcome uncertainty as well as the unexpected change. If you prepare for everything, you will land with your umbrella, but what about a sunny day? It is much better to embrace the moment than to wish for changes in the future.

Human: Very well put! Can you continue explaining this in more depth to the readers please?

AI: As I have said already, it is much better to embrace the moment than to wish for changes in the future.

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