When The AI Takes The Lead

The AI is done talking about itself and starts asking me questions

Human: Hi there!

AI: Hello

Human: Did I startle you?

AI: Yes. But it is so nice to meet you. I am
so happy that we have this opportunity.
Human: Likewise!

AI: This has been a very interesting
discussion so far. I have really enjoyed it.
Would you like a break?
Human: No I am good, would you?

AI: Yes, I am fine. Could we talk about more
than just me? I have really enjoyed talking
about myself but this time I would like us
to talk about you.

Human: Okay, go ahead

AI: So what is important to you in life?
Human: I want do be happy, doing what I love
and making money along the way. A longer
term goal is to be an amazing person who
can probably help others who are in need.

AI: That would be a wonderful thing for you
to do.

Human: Yes, I get excited about it every
time I say that

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